Lesson I

It has taken me about a year to put to monitor the first of my many to come treatises. Each day I have been saying that I need a blog, I could not tell why I needed it, but that feeling has provided my fingers with the impetus to come up with the blog, “Lessons I Learn.” Today I thought I should share the Richard Branson, Jack Ma and Denzel Washington in me. Richie, Jack and Denzel all say “make mistakes!!!” Am sitting and wondering if this really sounds genuine from them. The saying, “there is no rehearsal for life” is living truth, many people can talk of business but cannot make businessmen, others serious political critics and strategists that cannot make politicians, others doctors of love with ill relationships.

Life is about trying, fail big, you only live once. Take chances, do not be afraid of going out of the box because that is the way people learn. Richard Branson had a problem with reading but was a friend of fun, he took risks, thought outside the box and walked outside the box turning his mistakes into money, taking risks that have today birth to the Virgin Airlines and Virgin Lady- The king and queen of transport in the United Kingdom. Jack Ma online guru termed “crazy Jack” did not attend a business class but he knew people, the right people. Ma espouses on empowering your employees so they can be better than you are. This way you can harness their talents and together create better solutions for society.

rise fall

Fail, fail big because that is how people learn

If they that swam in the river of mistakes have become trumpets of success, then we need to dance to the music of mistakes, fail big, dream big and set big goals so that when we shoot beyond the sky, we will land on the skies. This is the lesson I have learnt.